Hi there, and welcome to my website, I'm so glad you decided to stop by.
On this website you can listen to patches wich I made.

This website is not about a playing style or technique. Also not about may or may not accumulated knowledge. So, it does not matter how fast you are with your fingers.
Here It only goes about sounds and effects, nothing more.

Every now and then I place new sounds.
It is also possible that sometimes an update is posted.

The recordings were made at different places. Sometimes in my home studio, sometimes in different professional studios.

All the songs are made as much as possible with the original type of guitar. For example:

Brothers In Arms: Gibson Les Paul

Chris Rea: Fender Stratocaster

Keith Richards: Fender Telecaster

Sultans Of Swing: Fender Stratocaster

Gary Moore: Gibson Les Paul

Calling Elvis: Schecter

AC/DC: Gibson SG

Blue Suede Shoes: Gretsch

Etc, etc...

Greetings, Tony Gielen

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