Your country and continent (as far as I know, according the mails)

Still 31 patch-users which I do not know in which country they live.  :((


1        Brazil, America (South America)

2        California, America (Western United States)

3        Turkey, Europe (Southeast Europe) & Asia (Middle East)

4        Netherlands, Europe (Western Europe)

5        Vietnam, Asia (Southeast Asia)

6        Belgium, Europe (Western Europe)

7        France, Europe (Western Europe)

8        Germany, Europe (Central Europe)

9        Italy, Europe (South Europe)

10      South Africa, Africa (South Africa)

11      Bangladesh, Asia (South Asia)

12      Canada, America (North America)

13      England, Europe (Northern Europe)

14      Scotland, Europe (Northern Europe)

15      India, Asia (South Asia)

16      Louisiana, America (Southeast United States)

17      Arizona, America (Southwest United States)

18      Marocco, Africa (North Africa)

19      Russia, Europe (Eastern Europe)

20      Spain, Europe (South Europe)

21      Norway, Europe (Northern Europe)

22      Argentina, America (South America)

23      Croatia, Europe (South Europe)

24      Victoria Melbourne, Australia

25      Florida, America (Southeast United States)

26      Ohio, America (Midwest United States)

27      Indonesia, Asia (South Asia)

28      Queensland, Australia

29      Texas, America (Southwest United States)

30      Switserland, Europe (Central Europe)

31      Poland, Europe (Central Europe)

32      Peru, America (South America)

33      Ireland, Europe (Northern Europe)

34      Portugal, Europe (South Europe)

35      Greece, Europe (South Europe)

36      Hungary, Europe (Central Europe)

37      New South Wales, Australia

38      Austria, Europe (Central Europe)

39      Slovenia, Europe (Central Europe)

40      Romania, Europe (Southeast Europe)

41      Denmark, Europe (Northern Europe)

42      Alabama, America (Southeast United States)

43      Malaysia, Asia (Southeast Asia)

44      Chile, America (South America)

45      Philippines, Asia (Southeast Asia)

46      New Jersey, America (Northeast United States)

47      Nevada, America (Western United States)

48      Tennessee, America (Southeast United States)

49      Saudi Arabia, Asia (Middle East)

50      Montenegro, Europe (Southeast Europe)

51      New Zealand, Oceania (Pacific Ocean)

52      Michigan, America (Midwest United States)

53      Serbia, Europe (South Europe)

54      Tunisia, Africa (North Africa)

55      Colombia, America (South America)

56      Finland, Europe (Northern Europe)

57      Qatar, Asia (Middle East)

58      Illinois, America (Midwest United States)

59      Lebanon, Asia (Middle East)

60      Western Australia, Australia

61      Israel, Asia (Middle East)

62      Venezuela, America (South America)

63      Panama, America (Central Amerika)

64      Pennsylvania, America (Northeast United States)

65      New York, America (Northeast United States)

66      Sweden, Europe (Northern Europe)

67      Bolivia, America (South America)

68      United Arab Emirates, Asia (Middle East)

69      North Carolina, America (Southeast United States)

70      Singapore, Asia (Southeast Asia)

71      Georgia, America (Southeast United States)

72      Mexico, America (North America)

73      Ukraine, Europe (Eastern Europe)

74      Egypte, Africa, (North Africa)

75      Czech Republic, Europe (Central Europe)

76      Cyprus, Asia (Middle East)

77      Kentucky, America (Southeast United States)

78      New Caledonia, Oceania (Southwest Pacific Ocean)