A little explanation:

I understood that there are quite a few guitarists who prefer not to program.
They prefer to plug-in their guitar and play.

Send me an email, using the contact page. Indicate which group you would like to receive.
And I'll send you the group with extension *.tsl (Boss Tone Studio)


BOSS GT-100: 

I know... All patches do not equally work well everywhere.
A while ago I was a whole day at RolandCE (Belgium) and they knew it too.
Those who want to use my patches might have to change something somewhere. But the basics should be there anyway. Here on our own stage at least it sounds fantastic!!


Line 6 AMPLIFi:

Download the legendary tones from the cloud.

Here on this website you see a list of what I have saved (tonygielen) in the cloud.
Every now and then I make a recording and post it on YouTube.

Have fun with it. Regards, Tony Gielen